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Project Conquer®
Your Trusted Back-office Solution


Project Conquer handles Back-office functions including accounting, information technology, and project management for businesses looking to benefit from performance efficiency and maximize cost effectiveness


How we serve our clients

We collaborate with our clients to conquer back-office tasks in the following functions:

  • Bookkeeping and Accounting

        We help businesses get financially organized
maintain a financially healthy company

  • Information Technology

        We provide a wide range of services from
         managed IT to
cloud migrations and security

  • Project Administration

        We coordinate all phases of projects

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Why Choose Project Conquer?

Because we get it

Project Conquer is a highly experienced team with multi-disciplinary expertise, equipped to handle initiatives ranging from targeted short-term assignments to multi-year projects.

Because we are very effective and efficient

Businesses that use Project Conquer benefit from cost effectiveness of operating efficiency and maximize productivity without sacrificing quality.

Because you will save more money

If you need to conquer your Back-office tasks without incurring the cost of a full-time team, then Project Conquer is for you.


Overwhelmed With Your Backoffice Tasks?

Project Conquer will conquer them for you!

Contact us TODAY

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