Project Conquer® is a highly experienced team with diverse skills equipped to take on initiatives ranging from targeted short-term projects to multi-year and ongoing programs.


Our mission is to guide businesses conquer barriers that hinder progress, and reach goals in most effective way possible with the highest level of skill and integrity.


Ms. Natalia Bakilana, Founder and Managing Principal of Project Conquer has extensive experience in project management.  She graduated from Rutgers University with B.S. in Management and enhanced her Business Education with MBA studies at the University of South Africa.

Ms. Bakilana has proven track record of delivering sustainable positive results, developing innovative project and management solutions, and helping to build a high performance culture that promotes diversity and inclusion.

She has natural leadership & project management traits. She is highly organized, a master time manager, and an excellent communicator. She is a creative thinker and the problem-solver. She developed Projectology, a proprietary client-focused approach to fulfill client's specific needs. She also introduced and taught a Project Management course at Milford Adult Education.

She continues to work with various clients, providing solutions to function effectively, thus maximize cost effectiveness.

Daniel Ritz, Managing Partner, is a graduate of Boston University School of Management.  Upon graduating, he was passionate about sharing his talents with others and joined the Peace Corp. This led him to Southern Africa, where he provided small business owners with business management and financial strategies. 


After several years, he returned to the United States and worked for a nonprofit located in the Mission District of San Francisco, helping local businesses secure funding for their businesses.  He was recognized as the Small Business Advocate of the Year.


Dan has led divisions at Fortune 500 companies serving the investment banking, nonprofit organizations, financial and manufacturing industries. Today, Dan continues to work with various clients providing solutions for IT, Operations, Finance and Management.  


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