About Us

Founded  in 2010, Project Conquer® provides back-office support services to businesses looking to benefit from cost effectiveness and to maximize productivity with high quality results.  We provide on-site services to clients in Connecticut, and remotely nationwide.

Why Work With Us

  • Project Conquer® is a forward-thinking, highly experienced team with multi-disciplinary expertise, equipped to handle initiatives ranging from targeted short-term assignments to multi-year projects.

  • We collaborate with you to conquer your back-office projects so you can focus on your core business.


  • We use a client-focused approach to cater to each client’s specific needs and initiative we undertake.


  • In addition to recommending solutions, we collaborate with you in planning, implementing solutions, following-through; and continue to give guidance to maintain efficiency.


  • Our Motto is HIT™ (Honesty Integrity Transparency)


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